Our Services

Business Evaluations

Having been in the shoes of buyers and sellers many times, we lend our professional
experience in this regard to both businesses that are target acquisitions to Purchasers,
and those that Sellers wish to know the value of.

Due Diligence Support

Possibly one of the most important phases on the road to purchasing a business is
performing a thorough Due Diligence Investigation before becoming legally obligated to
acquire the business. This investigation will bring to light the material facts and financial
facts and details pertinent to the business.

Business Coaching

Due to our experience in many businesses in a variety of markets, our offering includes
exceptional business coaching skills to ensure that your business is geared for profitable
growth or expansion to position itself for a future sale or as a passive income.

Finance Procurement

Magna Brokers & Commercial Services has a long and healthy relationship with many
national as well as international Financial Institutions, whom we work closely with in the
business acquisition space. We both facilitate the procurement of finance as well as
allow the utilisation of our valuable networks, whom are put to work on our clients’ behalf
so that beneficial business relationships with reputable financiers can be formed.

Performance Consulting

The performance consulting is a service that is a result of a business process linked to
the evaluation of valuation of a business that wishes to sell. We use our experience as
well as insight into the business to identify the flaws and potential losses.